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ESG Investing: A Viable Investment Strategy for the Long-term?

Sources of Capital

Can ESG investing be a market solution for society’s most pressing challenges? Global Sustainable Funds exceeded $1 trillion, for the first time, in Q2 and $1.2 trillion in Q3 in 2020. As European and American funds embed ESG into their portfolios, what are the consideration factors for investors beyond a company’s financial performance? Join us for a conversation on the risks and returns of ESG investing compared to the overall market. Panelists will provide valuable insights into ESG measurement tools, how investors are deploying capital to drive impact in environmental, social, and governance challenges, and the outperformance of ESG portfolios during extremely volatile markets.

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Creating a More Ethical and Sustainable Agricultural System

Uses of Capital

Agriculture is one of the oldest, and arguably the most important, industries. While our modern global agricultural system is capable of creating immense amounts of food to feed an ever-growing world population, in many ways it falls short. Poor distribution and misaligned incentives lead to both food waste and food insecurity. The shift in monoculture is destroying biodiversity of crops, making our system fragile to fungi and disease. And last, but not least, the agricultural system is accountable for roughly one-quarter of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. This panel will bring together entrepreneurs and experts to discuss how we are rising to meet these challenges to move towards a more ethical and sustainable agricultural system.

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