9:55-10:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

Sandra Navalli ’03BUS, OAM

Managing Director of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise and Assistant Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School

10-11 AM

Financing The Future of Food

Uses of Capital

Agriculture has come a long way from its humble origins. To keep pace with population growth, climate change, and shifts in consumer preferences, our food systems are constantly innovating and evolving. So what is the future of food? How do we invest in sustainable food systems? What are the most promising innovations currently on the market? This panel brings together industry experts to discuss the future of food and how to bring it to fruition using novel financing techniques.

Robyn O’Brien 

Co-founder and Director of Investor Engagement at rePlant Capital

11:00–11:05 AM

Closing Remarks

Rebecca Manning ’22BUS

Chair and VP of the Social Enterprise Conference and MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School