Nicky Goulimis
Co-founder & COO
Nova Credit Inc.

Nicky Goulimis is the co-founder and COO of Nova Credit, the world’s cross-border consumer reporting agency. Nova has built a global infrastructure of credit bureau data which it delivers to lenders and landlords so that they can finally acquire and serve immigrant customers. Nova’s mission is to “enable immigrants to access capital to realize their potential.” Nicky oversees the overall strategy and operations of the firm as well as leading Nova’s partnerships with financial institutions in multiple countries. Nova has emerged as one of the most promising financial technology companies from Silicon Valley in the last few years.

Before Nova, Nicky was a consultant at Bain & Company where she served a number of European retail banks. Nicky began her career in the international development space working for Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture on its smallholder farmer financial access initiatives, as well as for a Ugandan NGO.

Nicky is from Greece originally and grew up in the UK She holds a BA from Cambridge and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she was awarded the Miller Social Change Leadership Award.