Marci Lobel-Esrig ’89CC
Founder & General Counsel

Marci is founder and general counsel of SilverBills which she launched in 2014. SilverBills receives, scrutinizes, and stores clients’ household bills and ensures that bills are paid correctly and on time. SilverBills greatly reduces clients’ need for help writing checks and managing household bills, which can be a portal to fraud and identity theft. SilverBills provides services throughout the United States and often partners with families, attorneys, social workers, and financial planners. By providing technology enabled household bill management, SilverBills has improved the lives of countless individuals who otherwise would not have been able to age in place safely and securely.

In January 2019, SilverBills began a partnership with the New York City Department for the Aging whereby qualified New York City residents receive free household bill management services from SilverBills. This partnership has benefited many vulnerable New York City residents by ensuring that their vital services, such as electricity, are not interrupted because their bills are paid correctly and on time by SilverBills.

Marci is a national expert in the area of financial management for older adults and was recently a speaker at a Congressional briefing and at the SEC for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. She has been featured in national and local publications including Forbes: Hot Tech Solutions to Keep Older Adults Safe from Financial Abuse, April 23, 2019 and Consumer Reports, To Prevent Identity Theft, Set Up Web Access for Banking, Phone & Other Accounts, September 18, 2018.

Marci is a proud member of the third co-ed class of Columbia College as well as a graduate of New York University School of Law.