Daniel Fountenberry ’08BUS
Founder & CEO

Daniel Fountenberry is a media executive an entrepreneur developing AI enabled technologies that improve teaching, learning, and job training. His current company, Coteacher, is building a platform that will put the knowledge of all teachers at the fingertips of every teacher. He began his career as an on-air reporter and news producer in San Francisco and eventually became the chief of staff of ABC News. After leaving ABC News, he launched Books That Grow, an adaptive learning platform for students with disabilities. Books That Grow provides digital texts that adjust to the student’s reading skill level, so that students with disabilities can learn alongside their peers with dignity. Books That Grow won the 2015 Verizon Powerful Answers Award and was voted ‘Most Innovative Company’ in 2016 by the members of the International Society for Technology in Education. Daniel, who is from East Palo Alto, California, earned his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and his MBA from Columbia Business School.