For the social enterprise community, we are living in promising yet turbulent times. Never has there been such interest in harnessing innovation to solve social problems; never have the problems been more complex or challenging.

While the ‘today’ of social enterprise holds such promise, what can be done to ensure that the ‘tomorrow’ of social enterprise realizes its potential? What can be done to sustain interest in solving social causes, sustain funding for these efforts, and sustain the pipeline of social entrepreneurs leading the charge?

Join us at the Columbia Business School 2014 Social Enterprise Conference and help spark the conversation on driving sustainable change beyond the new millennium:

  • Sustainable Practices: How are companies successfully ingraining sustainability into the development of their corporate strategy and business practices?
  • Sustainable Financial Models: What are the challenges to harnessing the power of capital markets to create valuable impact for the global community and environment?
  • Sustainable Behaviors: How can design thinking, new behavioral models, and socially-conscious marketing create the right incentives for lasting structural, social changes?



The annual Social Enterprise Conference at Columbia Business School brings together thought leaders from across private, nonprofit, public, and academic sectors to share best practices, debate critical issues, and collaborate on innovative concepts to inspire change. Through interactive sessions, keynote speakers, workshops, a pitch competition, and networking opportunities, the conference presents guests with the opportunity to partake in the most important business and societal conversation of this new era. Tweet about the event by following @ColumbiaSEconf or by using #ColumbiaSEconf.

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